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Reframing Race is part of a larger eco-system of individuals and organisations working hard to achieve race equity.

Our work has always been done in partnership with others and of course would not have been possible without the enormous support - finanical and otherwise - of our committed funders, listed below.

Foremost among our stakeholders are 40 Reframers, a network of individuals whom we purposefully recruited in 2019 to join us on this journey to find better ways to talk about race and racism. 

Our Reframers come from a range of professional backgrounds and ethnicities and are based accross the UK; what they have in common is their commitment to race equity. Their invaluable insights, strategic input and constructive interrogation has made our research, guidance and other outputs all the more rich and credible.

We are generously hosted by Voice4Change England, the UK's largest network of Black and Minoritised Ethnic-run organisations.